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24/06/2012 – What Colour Should You And Your Partner Be?
24/06/2012 – Sleeping Positions For Couples
24/06/2012 – What Can You Do In This Hot Weather!
24/06/2012 – Good Or Bad Habits
24/06/2012 – Friends Or Foes?
24/06/2012 – Best 5 Skills My Girl Friend Should Have
24/06/2012 – Ratings Of A Woman
17/06/2012 – How Do I Know If My Love Grows Weak?
17/06/2012 – Yourself For Your Partner
17/06/2012 – The Breakup
13/06/2012 – Tidying Up A Mess
13/06/2012 – Appreciating One Another
08/06/2012 – Cutting The Edge
08/06/2012 – When It’s Much Too Long
08/06/2012 – How To Make Her Smile
04/06/2012 – How To Live Together?
04/06/2012 – 4 Things To Take Note When Moving In Together!
01/06/2012 – Signs That Show A Guy Is Interested In You
01/06/2012 – Signs That Show That A Girl Is Interested In You
01/06/2012 – How To Be A Good Girlfriend

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